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14. How In 2 Months We Have Become The Happiest People On Earth.


Just like the title of this blog says and we are going to say this one more time as in the past couple of days we are repeating this to each other all the time:


In the past couple of months our lives has turned upside down (almost literally!!!). Many things has happened that led to the point where I’m standing in the knee high ocean water somewhere on this paradise island in south Thailand holding a brew in my hand during my break from work ( yes….work). Both me and my friend while smoking this joint we both agreed to what you have read above. I’ll try to give you the best summary of what has happened in the past couple of weeks and tell you exactly how I feel right now.

The day before yesterday it was exactly 2 months since we left Poland. We shaved our heads and created “Carpe Dream”. Before we left I was telling my friends about our plans. I was telling them that we got our Australian visas because we both agreed that it would be an awesome thing to try to live there for some time. I told them about our first initial idea of getting to the other side of the world using old Mercedes W123 and it turned out later that we wouldn’t be able to do it because of the timeframe and our budget. And being very spontaneously we decided that we will do this a different way – whoever is familiar with our blog knows exactly the way we did it

Before we left we partied a lot just to make sure that we said goodbye to everyone. I told our story about our plans many times and right before we left Poland I realized what I have told everyone over and over again that I’m leaving my country – country where I have spend my whole 18 years of my life ( and 130 something months).


I realized that couple of months ago it was just a jabber about what we are trying to do, where and how we are trying to do it ,and it was an awesome vision of something far in the future that there was no reason to worry about anything. At some point it hit me that this is happening really soon and we have to get our shit together.

Couple of days before our long planned journey it finally registered to both of us that we are not coming back to Krakow any time soon, that we won’t be able to drive on the weekends to see our parents and that we won’t be able to have couple of beers with our friends and the closest ones. I have already missed couple of weddings that I will never have a chance to sing my pitchy version of “Sto lat” after their first dance as a married couple. I realized that truthfully I’m leaving to the very end of this planet and it will be for a long time……because honestly we don’t even know for how long…


It made us realize that what we have talked about for a long time and what we have heard while talking about it………is really HAPPENING right now!

We came up with an idea of this blog just to update our friends and family about our where abouts so we don’t have to tell each and every one of you where we are and how we are doing etc. Our incredible friends (Dobra Forma) helped us created this website, we printed some business cards and made a fanpage. Everything was very spontaneous and last minute and we were already in Belarus when this happened 🙂

We wrote our first posts – it turned out that somebody is actually reading this. We posted our first pictures and we got couple of “likes”. On twitter that we are still kinda neglect “Fujifilm Australia” is following us. How in the world……I don’t know. We made our first video that had great reviews by people who we looked up to and admire so much when comes to this profession. We got beyond excited about everything that we are doing right now. And it’s not even about the fame or about “how many likes we are going to get”- it is simply for our own pleasure! What we are doing here and what we are sharing with you guys gives us so much freaking enjoyment, and words of encouragement that we get from our “personal gurus” gives us so much inspiration.


We have traveled farther and farther. We took more photos and made more videos. Funds were getting lower and lower. On top of everything we totally fucked up the routes while trying to leave China (we are going to talk about it more in the next post). You can see a little preview below. I really recommend watching it as Lukasz killed it!

It turned out that we really have to hurry up, and we didn’t have enough time to arrange free lodging like we had before – how we did that I’ll try to write about soon. At the end of this post you will understand that we are not being ironic by saying that we didn’t have enough free time. Anyway…….we both agreed that going through Asia as tourists and paying for the hotels in big cities is not for us and we had to do something!

So we did… 😀

About a week ago Lukasz and I were sitting with our guitars somewhere in downtown of Bangkok on the roof of one of the hostels and while we were drinking beers I came up with an idea. I shared this with Lukasz and we talked more about the details. We started working on this idea, sending our offers to different hotels and just because of that we are sitting in this paradise island in the south of Thailand. We don’t pay a dime for lodging or food. We are going to spend here another 7-10 days, and if we will feel like it we might stay here even longer. Starting tomorrow we will have access to free drinks, scuba diving, free cab  (although this island is not very big and it’s very walkable). We will also have access to this fancy boat that we will use to enjoy this beautiful island and its surroundings – of course this will be in the best interest of our customers so we will make sure it will be the highest possible quality.




The only downside that is holding us back is the timing and what beach we are going to stay on as we have a deadline when comes to our entry to Australia. We have a little over a month to get there and we still have a long way to go.

I mentioned customers – well it turns out that Lukasz and I are opening our business here. The name of our company shouldn’t surprise you which is “Carpe Dream Pictures” 🙂

But wait a minute…..what company? What do you mean by you are enjoying this paradise for free? How did you end up on this island?!


As you might know we are little spontaneous from time to time and just like that we met this Thai girl who told us about this beautiful island in the south that we have to visit whenever we get to that part of the country. While I was looking through the offers of the different hotels I realized that first of all it is way too expensive for us to stay in any of those hotels and secondly they had really low quality pictures and even bigger fancy hotels have no videos that could promote them. BINGO!!!

The little light in my head came on, and I figured we can send our offers of working with ” Carpe Dream Pictures” to different hotels. From that point on you can only imagine what happened next… 🙂




It is 3am. I’m writing this post laying down in the hammock under the palm tree. It is not easy as really soon I’ll have to move my hammock a little farther away due to the tides – if i won’t I’ll be soaking wet. I’m holding another free drink in my hand. The manager doesn’t know yet that it’s for free, but I bet when she sees some more of our work that we did (that will help us negotiate our possible pay as well) and considering her facial expression after seeing the work we’ve done so far she will have no problem with free drinks and I’m pretty confident that we won’t spend a dime at this place.

UPDATE: didn’t I tell you so… 🙂





So I explained to you where I am; what I’m doing and why I feel the way I feel and what I told you at the beginning of this post. Now off to the harder part of this post – I’ll try to describe for you exactly how I feel at this very moment.

Well first of all I feel a little breeze coming from the ocean and I can hear the waves. I see the sunrise right over the ocean. It is absolutely magnificent! This is what I feel outside of me. Not the most important feeling but pretty nice.

Inside of me I feel an overwhelming satisfaction that step after step we are making our dreams come true. Before I left, many asked what am I going to do when I get to my dreamed Australia (as one of my friends said – it’s like a bitch that I’m leaving everything for and i don’t even know if it’s worth it) and I always answered – I have no idea. The only thing that I was certain about was the fact that I don’t want to work in a cubicle behind a desk and I was hoping that I can afford living by doing what I love – photography.

We haven’t gotten to our final destination yet and tomorrow I’m shooting another hotel at another beach. I’m doing everything that I’ve always dreamed about – maybe besides that financial part as this is only my second client, thanks to whom we want to create an amazing portfolio that we can use in the future as a reference and of course it will help us make some money out of it.

Inside of me I feel fulfilled. I realized that totally by accident I started to do what I’ve always dreamed about..

I feel happy.



Besides everything that is going on right now – and it’s so many incredible and interesting things, and to give you a better vision of our state of minds it is worth mentioning couple more amazing things that happened.

Thanks to our very immature blog we found out about wonderful people that we haven’t had a chance to meet personally but there is a big chance that in the near future this might happen and I’m really hoping for it.

We started a new friendships with people who just like us started a blog because they realized that is worth sharing their dreams with others and they very successful accomplishments.

When we will finally get to Brisbane- the city that we have heard is a paradise for surfers and the city that we are planning to stay for couple of months – we will most likely end up at the local radio station and be a part of the show that is hosted by Juli – a blogger from Poland who has been living there for the past couple of years. More about this charming person you can find on her blog Where is Julii

We are hoping that Wojtek who mentioned us on his blog Space For Dream will give us some advice on sailing as we are at the very beginning stage of it. We would love some guidance on how to get from Indonesia to Australia by hitching a ride by boat. I’m sure that he is the ideal person to ask, as him and his cousin are achieving a genius project of sailing around the world with his uncle – he is an incredible Polish sailor and in 2010 he was honored with a “Kolos” price for his cruise journey on the “Black Diamond” that lasted 32 years (!!!!!). “Black Diamond” was build in the coal mine in Jastrzebie Zdroj, Poland. More about their project “Cousins Sailing Adventure” you can find here Cousins Sailing Adventure. By the way earlier mentioned uncle will be visiting next month a north-west coast of Australia.

It is possible that our tropical journey on the island Koh Lipe will be shared with our friend Where Is Eve– she is a Polish girl who is walking with her own path in life and for quite some time now she is living Hua Hin, Thailand because she felt like it and she is planning travel through Australia to get to New Zealand where she wants to spend another year. Is it possible? Yes it is!

We meet more and more crazy people like that and they are inspiring and motivating us. They show us that no matter what obstacle it is, it is possible to achieve it and it’s not only about having a dream – its about making your dream come true. I did spend some time talking about it in one of my previous posts – if you are not familiar with it I encourage the read- Dreams Don’t Come True

We were mentioned in a media as well – not only the Polish media (, but in Australia as well and  thanks to them – if we get to Sydney on time – Lukasz might be featured in one of the biggest Polish internet portal picnics that celebrating 5 years anniversary – as a music performer. When the editor in chief of Bumerang has heard Lukasz recordings on soundcloud he expressed that this would be a fantastic idea.

Thankfully I’m posting this blog when our “music star” is still sleeping otherwise because of his humble and shy personality i would have not been able to share with you the link with his portfolio.

Sorry Lukasz but as your future manager I’m doing this only for the sake of our business – since I can remember we have talked about this and you know my part in it 🙂


Here is the link  —>   lukzaw

Just so you know blogging is not as easy as you might think if you want to do this the right way. I’m not saying that we are there yet when comes to blogging and it’s not my job to judge, especially when I see more experienced bloggers and their websites-  there is still so much room for improvement knowing that what they do is so much more professional.

It turns out that opening your own company is hard especially when it happens while you are traveling and everything that you have and own – fits in your backpack.

It doesn’t even help that opening your own company happens in the country that you are not even able to correctly communicate with your customer as – for example- we asked the manager of the hotel to bring some flowers so we can decorate the room for the next shooting and she says “yes no problem” and comes back with a big smile on her face with the towel…

It is hard to combine all of the passions….the old one with the new ones…..and achieving them in the way we want to because it constantly takes learning, practice, inspiration, orders and again learning practice, inspiration, orders…..and all of that is time consuming and on top of everything you need time to get sober 🙂

And I want to clarify some things – I’m not complaining! I just want you to understand what I have realized that making your dreams come true is not an easy task and it’s hard work – work that at the same time is the most enjoyable that I have ever had 😉




I remember the one particular situation when I was still working for corporate office and I needed help with something that was not from my department so I asked my colege to explain it to me – that technical part of the work that I had absolutely no interest in but I had to learn it. Period.

I fell asleep while he was doing something on the keyboard and clicking on some stuff. I’m dead serious……i fell asleep on the chair right next to him.

And I remember waking up and I was so embarrassed. Now is a little different. During this past 4 days that we spend in Bangkok I slept maybe 10hrs. We partied of course because it turned out Bangkok is the place to party but when after the party everyone went to sleep we usually ordered breakfast with a cup of coffee (yes it was breakfast time already) and we started our “work”. We looked through the offers, portfolio checked the email, checked the hotels that don’t have a internet page and without a sweat on our heads we were busting our asses and work as hard as those little ants- even after an eventful night with no sleep.


Yes – it is some kind of work and as Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Today I went for 2 interviews – and the first time I got lost and got to the wrong resort but it turned out that the owner’s sister needs someone who will do a internet page for them and of course every page needed a good quality picture. And by the way we are looking for a web designer who would like to work with “Carpe Dream Pictures”. If this is you please send us a private message.

Below you can see my interview outfit and as you can see my dress code very laid back.


In the past couple of days I didn’t wear shoes at all because we spend all day at the beach. Yes our business meetings are at the beach as well. There was one dude who traveled a lot and walked barefoot and it started with him selling the fridge because he was saving for the trip to South America……I think you know exactly what dude I’m talking about.

I’m hoping that I was able to explain to you in this short telegram message what caused the way I feel as mentioned in the title of this post. I hope that in some minimum way you understood why we feel how we feel at this moment. I know that I’m dumb enough but to describe this only as luck.

Pure happiness happened.

Considering the fact that many people who we look up to wrote to us that we are inspiring them, which I have to say is really nice to hear, I’m allowing myself my dear reader to give you one more advice:


If you have anything is your life that you are passionate about do it – and do it the right way. Give your whole self to do it, and in between, if you realize that there are others that can do it better that you- use it as a road sign that will lead you to the final destination. Get your shit together and get to work. Think about what you can do so tomorrow can be better that today..

If you have a true passion work on it- learn, practice, look for inspiration, practice…..and do it over and over again until you get to your first job- first order.

There is no shortcuts!

Then when you make a huge progress and you will realize that you achieved something to the point that you can share with others- do it! Im not saying that you have jump in the deep water right away and making your own blog or fanpage, but if you sing take your guitar to the bar that you know someone who works there and you never know maybe they are looking for somebody who can entertain and can recommend you to their manager.

If you like drawing with your younger cousin look around maybe there is a place that hire art teachers for summer schools.

Maybe you like to get naked in front of people and you have body of a Greek Goddess than you can be a stripper……I’ve heard that they make pretty good money entertaining people on bachelor parties.

Do what you love! Do it the best way possible and make sure your friends know about it. You never know who knows who and who can help you to fulfill your passion. It is possible that the easy solution to whatever you are trying to do is right around the corner. Solution to you happiness!

We found our after traveling couple of thousand kilometers but i bet that we could find bunch of hotels in Poland that they would be interested in working with ” Carpe Dream Pictures”. And hotels are just the tip of an iceberg! We are so hyped!

Exactly 10 days ago we slept on the roof of the bus station somewhere in south China which we will talk more in the next post. Now as you can see we have much better “work” environment.




Just to summarize everything that we have talked about and finish what we have started in this blog- giving away our business cards we had a little deja vu. We say what we have been saying over and over again and more and more often we hear what we say, but this time we don’t talk about what we plan, but we talk about what is happening right now……like for example somebody asked us why we are constantly sitting in front of our laptops instead of tanning our Goddess bodies at the beach?

Just like before we left- the history likes to repeat itself – and what i have been talking to people about over and over again was heard by me with my own ears. It happened today, couple of hours ago and it hit me so hard that I finally realized what happened to inspire me to write about everything. We just finished telling our story to the couple of young Canadians why we are spending so much time in front of the computer.

We gave them our business cards, we showed them our video from Mongolia- that i haven’t actually seen in a pretty long time. And hearing and looking at all of this i smiled like a kid throughout this whole time. And somewhere then it hit me where we are and what we are doing!! And looking at the video of us riding the motorcycles in Mongolia i see 2 fucking nuts and if this would have not been me i would be totally jealous of this guys. Its a weird feeling but i recommend to everyone 🙂

Ok….it looks like it took me more than usual to write this particular post so excuse me, but i’m simply hyped with everything that happened in the past couple of weeks, and with everything that is happening right now and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Especially after Lukasz drown his laptop in wine and we have no idea how we are going to put the next videos together and how we are going to photoshop the pics that we took for our next customer – but lets be honest – with two working laptops everybody could easily do that and going forward without any emergency situation is definitely not our style!

I hope that we will have a chance to talk more about it but right now i have to go back to “work” because the sun is really high and i haven’t even shut down my eyes for a minute and in couple of hours we have to move our office to another beach 🙂

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