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2. Dreams don’t come true

dont dream your life

And it all started……

Literally a minute ago we left Minsk so it’s about that time we give an update. I’m sure many posts on this blog will be more or less funny, more or less serious but also I’m hoping that there will be something that will get your interest in further reading!

Before I start I would like to share with you a thought that has been stuck in my head for a long time and has a lot to do with this trip. The biggest lesson that I have learned over the past 3 years during the preparation for this trip – that is now a reality – is the fact that “DREAMS DON’T COME TRUE!!!”

You might ask why? How come? What? My biggest dream is happening right now. I’m in Belarus with my best friend who has the exact same dream, who has sacrificed as much as I did and spent last few years of his life planning this trip……..and after all of that I’m telling you that the dreams don’t come true? We have our backpacks on and they are so full that they are about to burst. We have our guitars that this trip would not have any sens without. We have all the needed visas, vaccinations and of course we have Wilson with us. It looks like we have absolutely everything to make this trip possible! So how can I tell you that dreams don’t come true?

Well……..for example you have to know that I wanted to get a certain visa; I had to travel immediately from Krakow to Berlin, Germany late at night just to realize that I had forgotten my passport that I needed the next morning! This would never be possible without my friends Kasia, Maciek and Pawel who found a bus that was traveling the same night to Berlin and a nice bus driver who agreed to take my passport and pass it on to me. And it made it on time! Moments and situations like this were many and this particular one was just the tip of the iceberg.

All of the vaccinations, organizing and packing our backpacks, guitars, tents, first aid…….it all might seems easy but in reality it took us a really long time and lots of energy to arrange. Finally saying good bye to our favorite city Krakow, our families in Tarnow, Mszana & Czaszyn along with traveling to Warsaw where our journey begins it all seems like an easy process, but in fact it was the hardest thing we had to do! I can’t even describe how many tears we have shared with our closest ones, our families and our friends.
Hopefully not for too long and we can see you again sooner rather than later!

You might ask why am I telling you this? Maybe because I still haven’t fully registered the fact that I left my country – country that I spend most of my life in. And here I’m facing the unknown that is accompanied by the weird feeling as I don’t know when will be the next time I’ll be back in Poland. Maybe because I have the need of sharing this with somebody and my “partner in crime”, bold headed nut is sleeping on the bed right under me and all the passengers on this train speak the language that I can’t even understand. I’m sure there are many other reasons why I’m telling you this but either they are not important or they will make no sense to you anyway. One thing I know for sure is that by telling you all of this I’m trying to get to the bottom of this post………

My dear friends and whoever is reading this. I want to share a little secret with you “DREAMS DON’T COME TRUE! YOU MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! YOU MAKE THEM HAPPEN!”

Those years of planning, months of organizing and weeks of running back and forth to make sure that everything is taken care of took us a lot of work and courage. That is why we think it makes total sense to write this blog! I’m sure most of the time it will be a pleasure to share with you the good sides of our journey but that also comes with all sacrifices that we had to go through – some are too personal to get into. There will be many tears along the way and I’m sure many blisters that will be the least of our worries! All of that makes me even more certain that nothing in this world is for free anymore. Not even a slap in your face!
If you really want something you have to fight for this! YOU – nobody else – with YOUR own hands, bare feet and most importantly with YOUR own heart!
Sitting on your ass, complaining and telling yourself “one day….” that is not going to get you any closer to your dream. And if you think this is the way……..that’s some real bullshit! If you REALLY want something that is important enough for you to call it the “dream” then move your fucking ass, get on Google and spend some time planning your dream. No matter what it is – trip to the other side of the world, work as a personal trainer, getting a farm in Bieszczady (the most magical place in south-eastern part of Poland…….Google it 🙂 ) or start a mass production of inflatable love dolls – all of that is possible if you make that first step and start planning. If you have absolutely no idea how to start and need some help please let me know! I promise you I’ll help you and if you are motivated as much as we are who knows maybe next time I’ll be reading your blog and your journey to your passion!

I’m serious guys – you can do whatever the hell you desire! It is not going to happened overnight and you can’t just think “oh I’ll do it one day…” You have to work hard and nobody else is going to make YOUR dreams come true!!!


Good luck and please don’t forget to share with me your blog one day…

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