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Month: May 2015

6. Trans Siberian Railroad #1


Many people who heard about our trip plan told us that they are the most envy about the trip by Trans Siberian Railroad. Every time when i heard about it i was really surprised, as personally for me the best journey is going to start when there is no sign of civilization- which is most likely somewhere in Mongolia. Russia and Poland doesn’t differ too much when comes to the scenery and overall culture, but countries like China, Laos, Thailand or the whole Indonesia thats a different story and for me this is when my real journey will begin.

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5. Moscow

05-IMG_6915 - IMG_6918.tif

Moscow welcomed us kindly. Starting with the Russian Army band that was playing very cheerful and dynamic music from the moment we stepped off of the train. Surprisingly and against what everyone was telling us – people were very friendly and welcoming. Therefore we had no problems with finding a place to crash or any type of help that we needed throughout the whole stay here.

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4. We Don’t Speak Russian (My Nie Gawarit Pa Ruski)


We used the train to get from Minsk to Moscow. Surprisingly for us it turned out that this method of transportation was a little bit more expensive than the other one…..but then if you think about it; it made total sense as you could actually comfortably sleep.

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3. First stop – Minsk


Belarus welcomed us with a big smile! 🙂

To be more specific…….the immigration officer who asked us “what is the purpose of our trip?” heard that we are going to Australia looked at us funny and carried the conversation by asking us if we have any alcohol, drugs or psychotropic medication. If I would have been in a different country I would most likely start joking and said something like “ no thank you…..but I would love a cup of coffee” but somewhere in the back of my mind I’ve heard all the advice about how strict and conservative this country is so I decided  to shut my mouth.

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2. Dreams don’t come true

dont dream your life

And it all started……

Literally a minute ago we left Minsk so it’s about that time we give an update. I’m sure many posts on this blog will be more or less funny, more or less serious but also I’m hoping that there will be something that will get your interest in further reading!

Before I start I would like to share with you a thought that has been stuck in my head for a long time and has a lot to do with this trip. The biggest lesson that I have learned over the past 3 years during the preparation for this trip – that is now a reality – is the fact that “DREAMS DON’T COME TRUE!!!”

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1. Here we go!


Hi everyone 🙂

I’m sure you are all wondering where we are what’s going on with us and are we still alive? Well……..we are very much so alive and as a matter of fact we are chowing down on our breakfast, sitting at the little café place- on the street that I can’t even pronounce – somewhere in Minsk, Belarus. The weather is actually pretty nice and we were just discussing if we should rather stay here one more night and what train we should hop on to get to our next destination which is Moscow, Russia. But wait a minute…..hold on…….maybe we should start from the very beginning…

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