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From what we’ve heard every blog should have something like a “about us “ section and if you ask me it makes total sense as not everybody who reads this know who we are and why are we doing this whole blog- you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter (soon).

Making the long story short – so you can actually get to the end of it- we are 18 years young and 130 something months old. We met exactly 10 years ago when we started our education at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. We started to talk about traveling to Australia about 3 years ago, fantasizing about how awesome it would be to live there as the climate is warmer, it is closer to the ocean and the living standards are higher. After many “hoops and loops” that we had to go through we could finally go after our dream…..I mean……up until this point as we haven’t gotten to Sydney yet. We are definitely one step closer to achieving this dream to Australia.

The plan is to get to the Kangaroo Land with Wilson – which we will talk more about later- and our two “lovers” – guitars – without using the air transportation. We are determined to get to Australia by bus, train, hitch-hiking, horse riding, walk, rickshaw, boat……….you name it we will probably do it! We have 3 months to achieve our plan and we are pretty much confident we will be able to do it. We are quite prepared for that but I’m sure reality is going to show us how well- or not- we are prepared. Many people told us that we have a great plan and that they are fascinated with our journey but just as many people think that we are fucking nuts and this plan is absolutely crazy. It is hard to say yet who is right!

We started this blog mainly for our families and friends so they can experience this journey with us and step by step follow our adventure. We truly hope that you will enjoy reading this and please if you have any suggestions or just want to express your opinion feel free to comment.


I’m smarter, more handsome and most importantly more humble half of our “Carpe Dream” team. I’m a computer scientist but my biggest passion is photography. Some may say that I’m stubborn, but personally I like to call myself more consistent and determined to reach my goal. I believe that sleeping is for after death, so I try to live my life to the fullest following the “Carpe Diem” rule. I caught the “traveling bug” right at the beginning of my college years when my buddy and I went for a hitch hiking trip around Europe. At that time we visited 8 countries in 16 days. In the next following years, among other trips I have gone for a 6 weeks excursion with my friend to Canary Islands and Portugal where for the first time I was able to see the ocean and try surfing- which I have absolutely fallen in love with to the point that whenever I had a chance I went back to Portugal to satisfied my new passion. This also was the first trip that Lukasz and I took together and that is when we first created the idea about our trip to Australia that you are reading about!


I’m smarter, more handsome and most importantly more humble half of our “Carpe Dream” team……as you can see opinions about this are divided. I’m a computer scientist/graphic designer but my biggest passion is music which at some point was a part of my job as well. In my opinion a day without the music is a wasted day that is why we have decided to take our guitars on our trip. Also, I think music has this amazing power of getting people together and making new friends is so much easier – which is my favorite part of any trip. My other passion is cooking which Stefan greatly appreciates. I had a chance to improve my cooking skills as I spend a whole year working in one of the London’s restaurants. You can say that love for traveling runs in our genes and since I was a little kid my parents took me on all kinds of different trips around Poland as well as Europe. Later I took couple of hitch hiking trips on our beautiful continent which only assured me that I want to spend part of my life traveling and would only made my mom say that “ I can’t sit on my ass in one place”. In the future I imagine myself settling somewhere close to the sea or the ocean, with the sunny weather all year long and being around happy and easy going people. I picture Australia as this place and I’m hoping that this journey will only confirm my beliefs.


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  1. Sid says:

    Widocznie Australia ma bardzo dobry PR.. mam nadzieje ze Wilson nie siedzi w plecaku cala drogę I czekam na jego osibista galerie zdjec 🙂

    • Jakub Stefanowski

      Jakub Stefanowski says:

      Sid cały czas z nami – trochę go zaniedbaliśmy w kwestii fotografowania kolegi ale akurat siedzimy w Castaway Resort więc na pewno się wkomponuje w klimat miejsca 🙂

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