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1. Here we go!


Hi everyone 🙂

I’m sure you are all wondering where we are what’s going on with us and are we still alive? Well……..we are very much so alive and as a matter of fact we are chowing down on our breakfast, sitting at the little café place- on the street that I can’t even pronounce – somewhere in Minsk, Belarus. The weather is actually pretty nice and we were just discussing if we should rather stay here one more night and what train we should hop on to get to our next destination which is Moscow, Russia. But wait a minute…..hold on…….maybe we should start from the very beginning…

Everything started about 3 years ago when we were very happily living in the “Nawojka” dorm of the Jagiellonski University. After many long discussions about our passion for traveling that were accompanied by students favorite drink – alcohol, we came up with a crazy idea. An idea that will make the most experienced travelers’ smile- to travel to Australia by land and sea only. Following the old Polish saying that “if you don’t try it you will never know how it tastes” we promised to each other that we will do everything to make our dream come true. We went through many stages of our plan and had to jump through many obstacles. Thankfully for the both of us who shared the same stubborn personalities we were determined and motivated to make that plan work!

The first and most important step in our journey was to get the visa to the” Kangaroos Land”. In 2014 we have found out that Australia opened up their borders to Polish citizens and as soon as possible we started our process of applying for visa. It turned out that only 200 Polish people can actually qualify for” work & travel” visa which means that you can spend a full year in Australia legally working. Our luck was also determined on how fast we will have sent our documents to the Australian Embassy in Berlin, Germany. The moment we have received an email from the embassy informing us that we have gotten our visas we knew for the first time that our plan might actually work!

I have to be honest with you guys it wasn’t easy. I’m sure that many times in this blog I’ll mention the technical part of our trip but cutting to the chase…… after completing all of our documents getting our visas, insurance, vaccinations, medicine, equipment needed for the trip and a sea of tears that we have all shared with our closest ones we were ready for our trip. On May 20th 2015 at 10.45pm with our backpacks on, holding to our guitars and with our Australian hats on we have arrived to the Warsaw Bus Station. Waiting for the bus that was already late we were ready to start the first chapter of our journey.

We have thousands and thousands kilometers to conquer. We have absolutely no clue what is going to happen tomorrow, where are we going to sleep or what are we going to eat. And you know what – this is fucking awesome! I can’t promise that we will be constantly in touch but I’ll do my best to update you as often as I can. If I have a chance I’ll share bunch of pictures and videos with you all on our blog and our Facebook page.

I just want to take this time to thank you for the amazing support. Even those of you who wanted to burn our passports because a thought of such a long separation made you come up with such a crazy idea! After all I know that you guys understand why we made that choice and this blog will make that transformation easier. I hope that seeing those 2 crazy bold headed lunatics that are trying to conquer the world with guitars in their hands will make you laugh one day. And for now my friends please take care and stay in touch!

To the next reading………..



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